Passing the Plate*: (Matt. 6.6b, 6.18b, 6.24)  Giving is good, but giving in secret is better! And the envelope idea is nice but people still see you putting something in the plate.

‘Meet and Greet’*: (Heb. 10.25)  Meeting is good, but it occurs before and after the sermon by itself.  Having a scheduled hand-shaking time can be awkward  and silly.

Hymnals: (John 4.23-24, Rom. 12.1)  Worship comes in many forms in just as many cultures.  In most respects the hymnal is part of a culture that is now moving on to projection and power point.  Cost and maintenance of hymnals makes them less practical. (although technology has its costs as well)

Pews: Nobody enjoys sitting in a pew for an extended amount of time.  However, I have noticed that they do enjoy sleeping in them…

Power Point Sermons*: (Titus 2.1-8)  The ideal of biblical teaching is to lead by ‘example’ and by ‘soundness of speech’.  Power Point can be used well and appropriately.  It is not bad in and of itself, however, when Pastors/teachers simply read off their slides their ‘example’ and ‘soundness of speech’ are impaired.



* -Not on the way out yet, but I’m hopeful.