A friend of mine recently said in his facebook status that he has never voted.  After a slew of negative responses from all those patriotic Americans who read his status, he commented thus:


“I am a Christian, who I am and what I do is not bound by the laws and rules made by the US government. If the government were to say Christianity is illegal it doesn’t mean I hide who I am. The reason why it is hard to understand my logic is because I play by different rules. In just the same way if the government legalizes abortion that doesn’t mean I must or will practice it. Furthermore, to expect an innately non-Christian majority to follow and abide by morals held by Christians is not only futile but also impossible. Faith is transcendent beyond government, who I am and what I do is far beyond the reach of the powers that be to control, nevertheless I suit myself to whatever laws that be so that for the sake of Christ I may save some. These being taxes tariffs and the like. But the moral code of any particular body must innately be the moral code of the particular body. Those in government will do what it will do with or without my vote.

Thus ends my rather length and albeit complicated defense of my choice not to vote.”


I believe that there is a tendency to make a connection between American democracy and Christianity.  I also believe that such a connection is based in a skewed Christian world-view.  That being said, I also believe that the logic my friend presents is the beginning of how Christians must view government- a necessary evil.  Something we go along with because we must, but when it contraindicates God’s law or will then it must be resisted.


I post this in a note because I did vote yesterday, and I want to know the thoughts of my friends and peers.