I came accross this fasinating creation story in the Feb. 2012 National Geographic. It is the creation story of the Meakambut cave dwellers/nomads and it has never been told anywhere except in a single cave in the mountains of Papua New Guinea by the Meakambut. It’s interesting to see the parralles between this and the creation story in Genesis.

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The Story of Kopao

‘In the beginning, Api, the Earth spirit, came and found this place full of animals and plants, but no people. Api thought: ‘This would be a good place for people’, so he cracked the cave open. The first people to pull themselves out were the Awim, then the Imboin and others. Others were still inside, but after the Meakambut came out, Api closed the crack, and the others had to stay behind in darkness.

The people spread across the mountains and lived in rock shelters. They made stone axes and bows and arrows, and the hunting was good. There was no hatred, no killing, no disease. Life was beautiful and calm, and all people had full stomachs.

At this time men and women lived in separate caves. In the evening the men would go up to a special cave to sing. One night a single man stayed behind pretending to be sick. When he could hear the men singing, he snuck to the women’s cave and had sex with a woman.When the men returned, they sensed something was wrong. One man suddenly felt jealousy, another hatred, another anger, and others felt sadness. This is when man learned of all bad things.’

-Mark Jenkins, told by John of the Meakambut while in Kapao Cave. (National Geographic, February 2012)