Today marks my first step into the lofty lands of Masters programs and seminary.  I am enrolled at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in the Masters of Divinity program, in no small part thanks to the Kern scholarship!

Coming fresh out of a Bachelors program in Biblical Studies from Grace Bible College, I felt confident that this was God’s intention for my life. I had spent a lot of time studying the areas of Bible, theology, and Greek during my time at GBC and I WANTED MORE! Lol, thankfully I managed to use some of that experience to test out the 1st year Greek classes and gain advanced standing! Woot for tougher classes!

The most helpful element for getting into the seminary mindset was by far the people at GRTS, students and faculty. The students are all very intelligent and come from various backgrounds. I think I talked to a different random person almost every hour and they all had fascinating background and goals in their lives. Everyone is focused, intent, open, friendly, and excited for classes. I also met a lot of old friends and people who know people I know… degrees of separation and all that, very cool!

For the people at GRTS learning is the goal and everyone is on board with that! To say that’s true in the undergrad is a long stretch for some students… :/

#1 difference from undergrad? Everyone had their own coffee mug!

I had the same prof for both of my first two classes today: Dr. Tim Gombis for the Biblical Herm. and NT Introduction to Exegesis classes. I’ve heard about him from friends who have gone before me, but after today I can say that I am very excited to have him as a Prof here at GRTS. He’s got that ‘good-teacher vibe’ of intelligent, friendly, wise, capable… it’s going to be a good semester!

The flip side of all this positive stuff is that I’ve been assigned a few hundred pages to read by next week (not a problem), eight verses to translate from the Greek (ok…), and two worksheets to fill out- one of which is all about grammar (shoot me now). To quote my new prof: “That’s how idols grow in our hearts: bad grammar.”

He also firmly believes “The Spirit does not endorse our laziness!”

However, the best quote of the day: “You’re in seminary!! Leave the study Bible behind!”

Amen brother, amen.