This post is the second side of my confessional coin. This one hurt.

Confession on the Fall and Sin

I believe sin is willful disobedience against God; it is the pinnacle of foolishness and pointlessness.[1]

Such disobedience is manifested directly towards God, but also circuitously by working in broken relationships between willful creatures, their own selves, and also with creation.[2]

I believe sin was first committed by Satan and the fallen angels and that Satan then brought his corruption to the stewards of creation, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, so as to tempt them into choosing sin just as he had.[3]

I believe after Adam and Eve were tempted they choose to sin.[4]

Adam and Eve are the first two human individuals and thereby represent all of mankind, male and female, passing on the guilt, shame, and responsibility as the innate cursed nature of all mankind.[5]

In choosing sin, mankind became sinful creatures both body and soul, still in the image of God, but completely separated from the beautiful perfection of God’s intent.[6]

This sin allowed Satan and his fallen angels to gain power over creation, taking over the void left by the sin of mankind.[7]

I believe when mankind became sinful their relationship with God, creation, and their neighbor was permanently damaged.[8]

Instead of walking together in love, God must now kill mankind, the beings of his own image. We can no longer participate in his work and we can no longer achieve his purposes for us within his creation. We do not care for his morality nor care for a life in him. We stoop to worship idols instead of him. When presented an opportunity to honor him we get just close enough to spit in his eye. He will not sustain us for we are an abomination set up against him.[9]

Instead of living together in families and communities of harmony we commit atrocities against our fellow humans. We abandon our families. We abort our children. We despise our parents. We kill our neighbors for their possessions. Selfishness and greed drive our relationships. Our cultures are built on the blood of the people we killed to build our homes. We put our hope in violence, the very thing which would end us.[10]

Instead of watching and tending the creation, causing it to flourish in the beauty of our governance, we smash it to pieces in a crazed passion for malicious destruction. We cause species to die out, diseases to spread unchecked, and we burn through the planets resources without hesitation. We exploit the world and deny our stewardship over it, and the terrible irony of this is we lust to reach other worlds and put our faith in science! The creation itself is lost, reacting with unending disasters, wreaking havoc on us. Mankind is at war with creation and there are no winners.[11]

I believe our sin is only ever truly manifested in the manipulation of that which is good. The original goodness within us and creation is still present, but we want nothing to do with it. Even if we did somehow stumble on our original gifts and talents, we are unable to act upon them; true goodness and beauty is unattainable for us. We cannot make ourselves or creation right before God.[12]

I believe the ultimate end of our sin is death, physical and eternal. Death for us and death for creation, a death that separate us from God so justice is done and God is glorified. Our sin will result in God’s glory despite our worst intentions.[13]

Doxology: Oh God, how dare I even speak to you? A hundred of my own lusts and perversions flicker in my memory. How dare I even think you would hear me… my voice catches in my throat at my own audacity… I despise you! I hate you! My words and actions are always an affront to you and I am glad of it! You are so right to end my life, to punish me for all eternity. I cannot imagine any other end. Amen.   



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