On August 31st, having been invited by Pastor Steve Kopp, I preached my first for-realz sermon at Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship!

I’ve given sermons before but only in the classroom. I’ve spoken in front of large groups before but never preached. It felt good, really good.

I’ve been in Bible college/Seminary for seven years now, entering my eighth year as of this past week with two more years ahead of me. These many years are a great benefit to me as I’ve lead Sunday school classes, small groups, engaged in church meetings, worked through personal studies in the Bible, and of course for my own spiritual development! But nothing is quite like actually using that education to prepare a sermon, working through the Greek and the theology, and then preaching it in a church on a Sunday morning. It felt good. It felt right! And I was incredibly nervous! (See James 3:1)

A year ago Hananiah and I were looking for a church where I could engage in a residency program with a pastor. My friends Katie and Joel Morgan, Starbucks regulars, advised WPBF. On our first visit Pastor Steve approached me and asked if I happened to be looking to do a residency! I thought we would have to try several churches before finding one that we would fit into. It blew my mind how God was working to bring things and people together. Now a year later, Steve and I have written up a ministry resident contract and I will be working under him for the next two years! Praise God!

Well, here’s my sermon. As I said, I was nervous! I rush through my points faster than what I intended and I make a couple of lame jokes (especially my greeting in the first few seconds), so if you take notes you might have to listen through it a few times just to catch everything. It’s about 30 minutes long. Post a comment if you have any feedback!